Ana Maria Aguerrevere

Ana Maria has an impressive résumé with 30 years of academic studies and practical experience, ranging from music and art to interior design and architecture. She studied at Brivil Academy of Design and at the Central University of Venezuela. She has a degree in Interior Design and Architecture.

The fourth in a family of seven children, Ana Maria grew up surrounded by art and always considered her parents, who are very good artists, to be the best art teachers she could ever have.

She has two passions, music and painting; she sings in two choirs Amazonia Vocal Ensemble and St Katharine Drexel, and paints in Studio 18 in the Pines and teaches in The Art Institute of Weston.

Ana Maria is an artist who developed her own style. She dedicates her time to making and selling corporate gifts and useful objects using her paintings as part of her designs. She has worked with watercolors, pastels, graphite and acrylics. But, at the present time, oil is her favorite technique.

Her exhibitions have taken place in many locations, including Caracas, Venezuela; New York; and South Florida. She has also participated in different shows, including Invedin in 1995-2000, the Art Show in New York in 2007, The Art Walk in Weston in 2008-11, The Art festival at Pembroke Pines 2011-16, Arts in the Gardens at Palm Beach 2011-12, Art Fest in Boca Raton 2011-12, Mainsail at St Petersburg 2012-15, Maitland at Orlando 2013-16, Santa Fe College Art Festival at Gainesville 2014-16 and others, winning several awards. Exhibitions in the Art Institute of Weston and Studio 18 in the Pines 2010-16.

She is currently teaching Drawing and Painting intermediate and advanced level at The Art Institute of Weston.

Ana Maria’s goal, when painting, is to transmit realism through the use of bright colors, lights, and shadows.